Saturday, July 12, 2008


Me Kim and Lia

Lia and her family

We were trying to get a picture of all the kids together and this was the best we could get.. we took a ton of pictures but you know with 6 little ones you cant get that picture were everyone is looking... AWAH they are so cute!!! from upper left . Vinnie and Mia, Lia's babies, then Zoe, Kim's little girl who is holding Elise and then the bottom row is Edward and Kale Kim's son. Edward and Elise at the Ski ball machine
Like father like son.. they match.. HA HA

This weekend one of my college roommates, Lia and her family came up from Chicago to visit. Friday we went to the Zoo which was extra hot… and then BBQ at my friend Kim and Brian’s house and then had a fire and made Smores which the kids loved ( Kim, Lia and I were all roommates at ISU ) and then Saturday we went to a family fun place where they have Arcade games and go carts and pizza/Pasta buffet. This was all inside.. which was a nice break from the scorching heat on Friday at the Zoo. Above are a few pictures from our weekend.

I thought Swimming was fun???

Elise in the pool for the first time.. I think it went over real well I think she liked it?? HA HA
Edward was in and then I got my camera and he was out....
they really liked to play on the Little Tykes stuff better ....
Now we are happy in the pool but not for long mom is getting ready to get us out....

Well last week I decided that it would be fun to take the kids swimming…… So here is how my swimming episode went.. In the late morning while the kids were taking their morning nap I brought the pool out of the garage and filled it with water so it could warm up ( even this part was a task because I had to get the hand pump out and pump up the pool a little bit because it had deflated a bit while in the hot garage.. then I could not get the hose screwed on the nozzle correctly but after about 3 tries I got it) then around 12 noon I got their lunches ready and woke them up and fed both of them.. then got them dressed in there swimming gear and headed outside.. I put Edward in the pool and he immediately climbed out. I put Elise in and she started to cry… Fine they are both out of the pool and wanting to play on the little tykes stuff which is fine.. Edward started to climb on the small picnic table and I went to get him off and he fell and hit his head ( not hard thankfully) but none the less hit his head and started to scream like all get out.. which in turn he proceeded to throw up all of his Broccoli Chicken and squash on me.. Down my back, in my hair, in my ear and then down the front of my shirt…. After he was done throwing up he was really upset and crying harder so I had to hold him in all the gooey mess for a few minutes, I then rinsed him off in the pool and I brought them both inside so I could change my clothes and rinse off.. they both were crying because they did not want to come inside but you can’t reason with a one and almost 2 year old.. So I get cleaned up while they are both in the kitchen crying…. I thought because they did not want to come in but after I was all cleaned up and ready to take them back out I noticed Edward was crying because Elise was on top of him shoving his face into the hardwood floor in the kitchen… UGAH .. OK we all go back out and we are now having a good time both are in the pool splashing ect then all of the sudden I had to go to the rest room.. So I drag them both in the house as fast as I can we are all in the powder room together ( you know because I can’t ever go to the bathroom alone anymore) they are dripping wet and I am sitting there asking myself why am I doing this to myself … this is ridiculous.. Elise was not so much into the pool and Edward could care less so after that I cleaned the wet floor in the rest room and changed there clothes and we were done. I let Jeff know that he could let the air out of the pool too… Maybe next year…. They get a bath ever other night so that can be there water play…..