Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Easy Peezy Recipe

Chicken Al LA Ritz YUMO
I forgot to post this picture the other day.. I think we have a left handed pitcher on our hands....

Ok Ya'll I tried a new recipe from my friend Leslie at http://ourcompletefamily.blogspot.com/.. I only had to call her and had a million questions for this really simple recipe... HA HA.. I had to ask her how to cook the chicken.. Should it be boiled?? baked??? nope she said MICROWAVE yep ladies I said MICROWAVE... so easy. I literally started dinner at 4:45 and it was on the table at 5:45... It had to cook in the oven for 45 of the 60 minutes it took me to prepare it... So KIM ( my friend who reads my blog and has only left me one comment ) HA HA I totally thought of you when I was eating my dinner you could totally make this and it is sooooo good and fast too!! I pared it with some steam fresh peas.. OAh so yummy and minute rice... So my blogger friends you have to try this dish. Here is the recipe:

Chicken Al LA Ritz ( doesn't it sound fancy )

4 to 6 chicken breasts...cooked and diced ( MICROWAVE LADIES)

8 oz sour cream

1 can cream of chicken soup

1 stick melted butter30 crushed Ritz crackers ~Layer chicken in 9x11 or 11x13 (depending on how much chicken you use) baking dish~Mix sour cream and soup; spread on top of chicken~Mix melted butter with cracker crumbs; spread on top of soup mixture~ Bake at 350 for 50-60 minutes, until cracker crumbs are brown and the casserole bubbles.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Look who's a big girl and in Preschool!!!!

Elise checking out her new Lunch box
Me and Elise before school
Elise and Jeff before school
Elise getting all settled in at school.
Eddie outside playing

Elise started preschool today at the First Baptist Church . She is attending there one day a week from 9:30-2:30. She did really well this morning when Jeff and I dropped her off. She did not even cry. However; when I said that "I wanted to peek in at her one more time before I left", another mom that was walking down the hall heard me say that and she asked me if it was the first time leaving her and I said "yes", and she said " oah you are doing good no tears" well I then turned to walk away and I started to cry... but Me and Edward got through the day. We went to Target and to Wal-Mart and then home for lunch and he took his afternoon nap before heading off to pick her back up. Her teacher said that she cried off and on during the day when other kids would cry ( I guess this was a sympathy cry for her new friends ) and refused to take a nap during rest time, and the teacher had to hold her the entire time through rest time.. but I think for the most part she did pretty well. Her teachers seem really nice and she has a friend in the class, Avery ( my neighbor, Katie's little girl). I have attached a few pictures of Elise looking at her new lunch box and me and Jeff and her before school today. I also included a few pictures of Edward playing in the backyard. I hope everyone is having a great Thursday.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Just a little preview

We are having both kids baptised on August 30th and I just went and picked up the dress from the tailor. I tried it on her and had to take a few pictures because I just could not resist how cute she is in it.. I also have a pair of fancy socks and shoes to go with the out fit but this was just a quickie photo shoot.. I love how she looks is white, I think she looks beautiful!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Getty up cowboys and cowgirls

Elise was really bouncing in this picture you can tell by her hair HA HA
Edward Carline and Elise. I think Elise wanted to know why Eddie and miss C are holding hands.

I thought the kids were so cute on their bounce and spin Zebra’s. They have so much fun riding them. I also wanted to add a few pictures of our last play date at Leslie’s Eddie and Elise have a ball with Caroline ( Edward's futrue bride ) and Bryce. Hope all is well with everyone.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy Tuesday!!!

Elise at the park with my girlfriend Kim's son Kale. I thought this was the sweetest picture.
I am trying to toy with the kids nap time.. Because Elise no longer wants to take 2 naps a day and Edward refuses to take an afternoon nap so I cut out the morning nap and put them down just after lunch.. when I finished feeding Edward I turned around to throw the jars away and get his face rag to wash is face and they were both sound asleep. They are now taking a good 2.5 hour nap from around 12 noon to 2:30 or 3:00 which is nice and Edward is not such a pill in the evening.. Before he was only taking his morning nap from 10:30ish to 12 noon and then up from noon until 8:00pm.
Elise loves to kiss her brother!!!

Sweet baby girl!!!
Edward climbing again!!! UGAH he is going to give me a heart attack

Well not a bunch going on at our house… We are awaiting a visit from my mom in a few weeks and the kids are growing like crazy and have such cute little personalities ( most of the time ) Edward is now running not walking anymore and still climbing on everything.. I guess that is part of him being a boy.. Elise never climbs anything… Elise is talking a ton more lately and now putting two words together like Mommy eat and mommy hold me and mommy help so we are making small progress. One of my friends that I met through the wonderful world of adoption told me earlier this week that when your child says like truck when you say something back to them add a word like big truck and if they say juice say Elise’s Juice.. So I started doing that with both of the kiddo’s this week. I think that Elise is a little behind on her speech but that is very common for internationally adopted children. Elise starts preschool next week. I am so excited for her. She is going with my neighbors little girl Avery they are in the same class. I think that since Elise knows Avery it may help her a little bit with feeling more comfortable.. We will see. She gets very upset when she does not know where I am or thinks that I am going to leave her. Hope everyone reading this in the Midwest is enjoying the beautiful weather we are having!!