Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Colorado Vacation !!!

This picture was taken about a week before we left for Colorado.. we took the kids to the park.. Eddie sure likes chewing on his sisters cup
Jeff and Elise at the park.. She loved the swings!!
Outlet mall in Colorado.. Jeff and Heather's husband were real sports and went with us and all 5 kids.. Jeff had to put Eddie in his carrier because he is such a brute these days, he was trying to take Elise's snack cup away from her and almost won and then he started to pull her hair.. They were in a side by side stroller.
My carseats just arrived in time.. Thursday.. we left on Friday.. I was adjusting them to fit the kids.
I think Edwards' tasted good..maybe lit a big juicy steak..
Eddie is still eating his...
My girfriend Heather
Jeff and Eddie at the Denver Aquarium. Hey look my husband can multitask.. Feed and carry the baby all at the same time HA HA
OK Heather might get mad that I posted this picture but It has been an ongoing joke to me and her.. I kept telling her I wanted a picture of her pushing her dang train.... Is that not the largest stroller you have ever seen... a tripple stroller for her 5 year old, 2 year old and her 8 month old. If you look closely in the background.. Gymboree Outlet YEA !!!! that is were we were headed.

I have not posted in forever.. I know it has been super busy around here!!! We just got back from Colorado. We went and stayed a week with one of my girlfriends that I first met when I moved to Illinois in 7th grade so doing the math we go way back… Over 20 years OK that makes me sound really old.. YIKES….. It was a 15 hour drive and I have to say the kids did wonderful!! I was not sure if it was going to be torture being in the car for that long but I was surprised. The only time they fussed was when it was around eating time and after they were fed they were good to go. We had a lot of FUN in Colorado. We went to the Aquarium in Denver and also to the outlet mall.. I stocked up on summer stuff for Eddie and Elise at Gymboree and Carters. I have to tell you I LOVE LOVE LOVE Gymboree!! Eddie had a milestone while in Colorado… He started crawling!!! And now within one week he is all over the place!!! We have entered a new phase and now I need to baby proof the house…. Elise was sooo good when we brought her home from Guatemala she is such a gentle little thing and really does not bother much of anything except her toys… Oah but don’t leave any food on the table for her to reach she will definitely mess with that.. today while Eddie was crawling around the family room and she was playing with her dolls I went to check email and I mistakenly left some “ flaming Hot cheetoes” next to the couch from my lunch and when I came back into the family room her and Cody our dog were eating them.. Her hands face and shirt were covered with red residue from the chips… I guess she likes hot food…. Either that or her mouth was on fire not sure but she was really mad when I took them from her… HA HA Lesson learned on my end. I hope everyone is having a good week.