Saturday, June 20, 2009

I have been in a funk...... lets get caught up on the past 4 months of my life......

Easter... OK so I am doing my Easter post a bit late! This year we actually had 3 Easter Celebrations. One at my Dad's house one at my Neighbors house and one in Indiana with Jeff's family. Here are a few of the pictures...

Jeff and Eddie in the yard hunting for Eggs.. Eddie thought that they were Balls so he kept throwing them when he would find them.

Easter in Indiana. Elise is having her Grandpa Dan read her a book that they gave her for Easter.

After the Easter Egg hunt!

Family Easter Picture

Elise really excited with her Easter basket from Granny and PaPa.

Me and my babies!


Candy said...

Bout time mrs FUNK e coal madina ad u back to updating

Vanessa said...

Glad you're back to updating! Life here has been WAY too crazy too and I'm back to blogging for now:)

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Oh my word....I thought you were never coming back!!!

Good to hear from you and get an update......I can't believe how much the kids have grown.....they are so cute!!

Hope you are well and hope this means you are back for good......we have missed you:)


Twice as Nice said...

Welcome back! The kids are darling. Love the family pic too.

Our Complete Family said...

Well hello chicadee! I'm hoping some of your 'out of blogging funk' rubs off on me, too!
Love the post~ the kiddos are darling as always!
We loved sharing one of your Easter celebrations with you guys!
Love ya, Les

Leslie said...

OMG where have you and Leslie been? seriously,i miss ya! lol


Jeni said...

I have not been over here for ages but I haven't missed too many posts - :-)

I am making kung pao chicken again kids asked for it for dinner.

Hope your summer is fun!

Crystal said...

Hey there my long lost friend!!! :) I have missed you!!!!!!!

Oh my dear sweet Belinda I have missed you guys!!! As I was looking back at your blog your kids have gotten so big!!! I remember when little Edward was just a little baby! I can't believe how time flies and how these babies of ours are growing up waaaay too fast!!!!! Can't we freeze time somehow?!!!! :)

I have to start potty training Miss Sophie :) We have been talking about it, and I tried a couple of months ago but she did not want to have anything to do with it so I gave up! She has always done things a little late, and I really think she is ready now! YIKES!!! You have to let me know how it goes!!! :) Keep in touch I miss you!!!! I will try to be better!!!