Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Happy Monday!!

Look at me I am almost crawling...
Jeff and Elise in the diveway walking in the snow.. She is not real sure what to think of the snow
I dont know why this is going the wrong way .. Elise all dolled up to go to Indiana
Eddie in his new hat I thought it was soo cute and it keeps his head warm.. But mostly cute HA HA

I hope everyone is having a good week.. Over the weekend we went to Indiana to visit Jeffreys' Mom and Dad and the kids did awesome in the car and at the restaurant. We took Elise out on Sunday to play in the snow and she really did not know what to think of it... She kept saying OOOAH OOAH it was pretty funny. Edward is really trying to crawl and is up on all fours but will just rock back and fourth then fall down.. It will be soon and then I guess it will be a totally different ball game with two mobile... I guess it will keep me on my toes.


Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentines day Pictures

I took the kids to have there pictures taken for Jeff for a Valentines Day present and thought that I would share some of them.


Elise all dolled up to go the Metro East Guatemalan Adoption gathering.. I must say she is cute as a Cupcake... I am sooo excited about my new bib that my Girlfriend Caroline got for me!!!
Kiddo's playing with there piano's... I think that Eddie is trying to get to Caroline...
Elsie having fun.. I think that she is laughing at Leslie... HA HA
Eddie and Elise playing at home.. Elise loves to talk on her phone just like her momma!!
Eddie and Caroline in October
Eddie and Caroline in February... I have to say they have not changed too much they just both have more hair.. HA HA well I guess you should say Caroline has more hair.. Eddie not so much HA HA
Eddie wearing his new bib that Caroline got for him for Valentines Day.. Dont I look handsome
Birds Eye view of the kids Leslie and Elise, Caroline and Eddie.. Les don't be mad that I put you on here.. HA HA

This week has been a lot of fun for me and the Kiddo's. Tuesday Elise and Edward had a play date with Leslie and Caroline ( Edwards little girlfriend ) Wednesday we had a play date over at my neighbor Katie and Avery's house Thursday for Valentine’s Day me and Elise met Jeffrey at work for lunch. I took Edward over to my Dad and Sharon's house, and Friday my friend Tracy and Savannah come over for a play date!!! Man I must say I have had to be on it in the mornings to get everyone including myself bathed dressed hair fixed ect ect Luckily all the play dates did not start until 10:30 but still it is pushing it to get everyone ready, fed, changed and looking cute!! Last weekend we went to the Metro East Guatemalan Adoption skating party which was fun. One of my friends Denise and her husband whom I met through this the adoption world just brought their daughter home she is only 5.5 months old and is soooooo cute!! I hope everyone has a good weekend.


Friday, February 8, 2008

New bathtub or is it a boat???

Eddie lounging in his new bathtub.. You think he likes it.. He is all stretched out and chewing on his play crab while his duck floats around.. This is the life..
My sweet Elise
Who me ?? They both look so serious in this picutre I have no idea what they are looking at ?? Hey turn around Mommy is over here !!!!
My Mom and Edward Eddie and his puppy
Elise Clapping to the music Elise and Eddie playing
My little mad man in his Jumparoo!! He goes crazy in it!!

My mom just left yesterday to go back to Florida L Hate to see her go but she is probably ready for a break from the chaos at my house. While Mom was here we had fun shopping and going out to lunch ect. On one of our shopping trips we bought Eddie a new bathtub because he was outgrowing his baby bath so we got him a small bathtub that is blown up that fits in the regular bathtub or in my case on top of my bathroom vanity.. But it has so many more uses.. I now can put Eddie in it when I take my shower ( on the floor of course ) but it is a good way to let him sit up and play with his toys without me worrying that he is going to fall backwards and bonk his head. He loves it and I love it because it makes him happy that he can sit up. He is still not real steady sitting up by himself so the tub works great and it he falls over no tears lost… Well I take that back he will cry because he wants to sit back up… Eddie has also got the hang of his walker. We have hardwood in the kitchen area and he can move all about. He loves it. Elise is growing and is learning new things daily. She is really starting to understand a lot that I say to her. I can ask her to go and get her cup and she will, I tell her that we are going to go and take her bath and she runs.. Yes runs to the bathroom.. This little girl loves to take a bath. I can ask her is she needs her diaper changed and she will walk to her bedroom.. And just yesterday for the first time I asked her were her nose is and she did not point to her head she actually pointed to her nose.. She is not saying a too much still the same few word .. Mommy, Daddy, PAPA, Puppy, baby and bye bye but it is a process but she babbles a lot and waves her hands and puts her hands on her hips like she is really telling you something it is pretty funny to watch. Jeff Just got back from Savannah Georgia he went there for a meeting but was only gone one night. Tonight we are going to my Dad and Sharon’s for dinner. My brother, Brett and his girlfriend Stephanie are also going so it should be fun. I also have good news one of my friends Des who also had the same lawyer as we did finally got PGN approval so she should be picking up her son soon. We are so excited for her and relieved that Enrique finally got it together for her!! One of my other Friends Crystal is also in Guatemala picking up her son now.. I am also very happy for her!! Congratulations to both of their families!! I almost forgot to tell you all that on Monday we finalized our adoption with Elise here in the states!! I would post pictures but I look like a dork in them so I will not be putting thoes on the blog!!