Tuesday, May 27, 2008

St. Louis Zoo and Eckerts Farm

Jeff and Elise looking at the goats at Eckert's Farm
Elise on her first ride at Eckerts... I could not get her to smile...
Elise and Edward at Eckert's
I had to take this picture of the kids in there Joovy cabose stroller... Any of you mom's out there with two small kids and cant make up your mind on a stroller this one is great hands down.. for shopping trips and little outings. The front does not really recline but it is small and can fit in and out of isles at stores.
we took two strollers to the zoo so Edward could take his afternoon nap. Here we are at the entrance to the zoo with Elise, Edward and Collin.
Elise in the children's zoo sitting on a frog
Elise just started saying the word bird so she was thrilled when she got to get up close and personal with some at the Zoo.
Edward taking his afternoon nap....

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy Thursday

Elsie playing outside with her red ball that she loves
My little guy is getting so big !!

I love this pictures he is sooooo happy and laughing so hard at me playing peek a boo He thinks that it is so funny.
Elsie playing with her new Dora bubble blower
I bought these bibs on Ebay for her 2nd birthday and Edwards 1st birthday I thought they were so cute.

Me and Elise
Me and Edward

This week my girlfriend Leslie and I went to lunch while her husband who is on leave watched her daughter and my Dad and Sharon came over and watched my little munchkins. Leslie and I went shopping a Gymboree and after we bought out the store we had a nice relaxing lunch at Olga’s Kitchen. YUMO. It was really nice to get to go out to lunch without the kids and to go shopping at my favorite store without the kids… Because on Saturday I went up to Gymboree with both kids because Jeff was working in the yard and wouldn’t you know it as soon as I got there Edward lost his mind and was acting with a fool… rocking back and forth in his stroller chair and then started screaming… Then as I was checking out the lady behind me tells me that Elise has my makeup out of my purse…. So it was nice to go to the store without booth of them… Don’t get me wrong I love them dearly but it is just too hard to take both of them shopping. This weekend we are having some of Jeff’s family up and we are going to the St. Louis Zoo and to Grants Farm. The weather is supposed to be really nice so I am looking forward to it. On June 4th my mom is coming up to visit for 3 weeks so we are also looking forward to that too. Elise has picked up on two new words. Bird and Book ( I know they sound the same) she loves books and recently we had a birds nest on the front door and before Jeff could get it down they hatched so I had to wait it out for them to fly away… so when the kids would look out the door the mother bird would make all kinds of noise at them so she saw the birds a lot. Thank goodness the birds are gone as I had to go and clean the front porch off and my wreath because I had yep you guessed it bird dung all over the place…. I better go for now the kids are both asleep and I need to veg in front of the Television.


Monday, May 12, 2008

finally some new pictures of the babies!!!

Elise and Edwrd
My little princess
So sweet
Edward and his Girlfriend Caroline on our last play date.. Edward was being a wild man and trying to show off for miss C.
Elise on her new play set that Kim and Brian gave to her.
Little miss DIVA not wanting her picture taken
All smiles.. First time in the grass.
My brother, Clark and his son Brett
Clark and Edward
Elise and Edward looking out the front door.. I thought it was funny how they both have one foot on the weather stripping,

My little man
Eddie is crusing on the furniture now.. ALOT I wonder when he will start walking???

Ok I am way behind on posting new pictures…. We have been really busy with the kids and time somehow slips away. Now can you believe it I am trying to find a cute outfit for Eddie’s first birthday pictures.. Gosh I can’t believe that he is going to be a year old in June.. Time fly’s and he is growing up so fast, as soon as his birthday is over then I am going to have to start thinking about Elise’s birthday pictures.. She will be 2 in August WOW.. I am so blessed to have these two in my life and to have such a wonderful husband and family. Yesterday on Mother’s Day I was wondering how I got so lucky to have such a great family and 2 beautiful healthy children. Have I really been this good to deserve this HA HA…. The next few weekends will be busy with Zoe’s birthday on Sunday and then memorial Day weekend Jeff’s cousin and her family are coming up to go to the Zoo and Grant’s Farm ( free beer at Grants Farm we always like that) and then my mom comes up on June 4th for a few weeks to visit. So hopefully I will be taking some pictures and can post them of our first trip to the Zoo with Elise and Edward. Hopefully we will have good weather.