Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Leslie here is your E squared !!!!

My little man... He wants to crawl sooo bad

Elise clapping her hand while playing with TAD

My Boys!!!

All ready for bed... I was trying to get them to pose for me but Eddie was more interested in pulling his sisters hair.. then it was all over.. Elise was DONE.. HAHA

Elise loves Tad!!


I have not posted in a few days as I have been busy with the kiddo's and My mom is visiting from Fl. Jeff and I love when she comes to visit because she cooks for us.. As many of you may know I am not Betty Cocker.. and it allows me to get out of the house.. It is very hard to go anywere with a 7 month old and a 17 month old.. and an extra set of hands is always needed!! So it has been a nice break from being a home body when my mom comes plus it is good company.. Hope everyone is having a good week!! My friend leslie has been stalking my blog waiting for new pictures.. HA HA I do the same thing to her.. She has just been better at updating hers lately :) so I am dedicating this blog entry to Leslie.. Love ya Leslie!!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Happy 35th Birthday Clark

Sweet Elise

My Girl is always super happy when it is time to eat!!!

Eddie looking very serious

My Brother Clark and his son Brett

Elise playing peak a boo with the house door

Elise, My Dad, me, Clark, Brett, My mom and Eddie

Elise, My Dad, Sharon, Clark, Brett, Stephanie, My mom and Eddie

Sharon and Elise

Brett licking the candle

This is the same picture as one above and could not figure out how to delete it so here we are again HA HA

Hello all,

We had a party for my brother, Clark’s 35th birthday at our house on Thursday and I thought that I would share some pictures. My mom had just flown also on Thursday so she was able to be here to celebrate too!! We all had a good time and ate way too much food and cake. I also have added a few pictures of Eddie and Elise.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Our weekend


Kim feeding Eddie

Elise and Zoe playing

Elsie smiling


Happy baby girl!!

Hello everyone… Jeff and I had a relaxing weekend. Friday night we went to dinner at Pizza Hut with some friends and on Saturday I got to get out of the house for a few hours with out kids… I went to a Two Sisters Gourmet party at my girlfriends house. I don’t know if you any of you have ever been to one but they had a lot of really good dips and marinades. And there beer bread was to die for. On Sunday we went over to our friends Kim and Brian’s so Jeff could help Brian get his TV hooked up and then we ended up staying for dinner. Kim is my girlfriend that went to Guatemala with Jeffrey to pick up Elise.. Kim and I went to High School together and then we were College roommates at ISU.. Me and her husband go all the way back to Junior High… OH the times we all had thinking about it makes you feel young again.. Not that I am old or anything HAHA.. Someday I feel it… I have a few pictures of the kids to share and a picture of Kim.. HA HA she told me not to put it on here because she does not have any makeup on .. she looks beautiful who needs makeup... Love ya Kim!! I know you are reading this...


Friday, January 11, 2008

Eddie is doing sooo good sitting up!!!


look at me sitting up

Elise, Jeffrey and Eddie playing last night

me and Eddie

Jeffrey kissing his little man

Hello all,

Eddie has been doing really good sitting up lately and I thought that I would post a few pictures of him doing so. He is also really starting to talk alot.. BA BA BA and LA LA LA OK where is the MA MA MA???? I know that babies usually say DA DA first but I am hoping for a MA MA. We will see. Nothing new to report. Yeasterday we went on a play date at my girlfriend Rhonda's house she has two boys ages 4 and 20months and Elise had a ball playing with them. She came home and went right to sleep. I just love staying home with these two and getting to go on playdates!! I also had my friend Angie and her two over on Monday. Angie has a 2 year old girl and a 4 year old boy.. Elise of course had a ball playing with them too... and I of course loved the company and getting a chance to catch up with Angie.. We met in 7th grade when my dad first got stationed at Scott AFB. I will close for today.. Did anyone notice last time I posted I said that I hope everone is having a great Tuesday?? Well it was actually Wednesday.. My days are sooooo off this week.


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Eddie and Elise

her pig tails are just killing me.. I think they are so cute!!!

Eddie really likes this book!! His Uncle Clark got it for them for Christmas

Elise and Eddie are very serious in this picture..


Just eating lunch... She loves to eat!!!

she is just so sweet

It a bird its a plane its the .... FAN

laughing at her momma .. who is trying to get her to smile

caught red handed playing with the dog door

Elise kissing her baby

Hello all not alot to post today as I have not really done anything exciting except the usual.... change diapers and make lunch for the kids, make bottles ect ect .... We also played and read books I got some cute pictures of the kids today too. I had a free moment as Eddie is sleeping and I just put Elise down for her nap too.. I dont quite have them on the same nap schedule but they do over lap a bit. She takes her morining nap from 10:30-12:30 and he will nap from 10-11 or 11:15 and in the afternoon he will usually go down around 2:30ish and she goes down at 3:30.. but he will get up around 3:45 so I do have a few minutes.. Edddie is not a good napper at all during the day. I was told that once they start crawling they will nap better.. I will let you know how that goes HAHA.... Eddie went to the Dr. yeasterday for his 6 month check up and he is up to 17.2 pounds and is 26 and 3/4 inches long. He also got his shots... Poor little guy. He was pretty fussy in the evening last night but he slept through the night and seems to be doing good today. I hope everyone is having a good Tuesday!!



Friday, January 4, 2008

Almost a play date....

Eddie looks like such a big boy in this picture.. It must be because he is sleeping in his own room now HA HA

Elise playing tonight

Elise loving on Leslie

I swear he is the happiest little guy!!

Today my girlfriend Leslie came by so we could exchange Christmas gifts and to see Elise. Leslie has a son Bryce age 7 and a little girl Caroline that was born 4 days after Eddie. Before Elise came home we would have playdates everyother week.. But when we brought Elise home Elise had a really bad cold and I was sick and then Eddie got sick then the holidays and now Caroline is sick.. So we almost had a playdate.. Leslie left Caroline at home with her Daddy..Elise loved Leslie and I cant wait for Caroline to come over next time because in the past Eddie and Caroline were more interested in looking at us this time I think they will notice eachother.... We will see. Anyways good adult conversation is always good!!! especially when you are at home all day with two little ones, and one does not talk and the other only really likes to say the word PUPPY.. HA HA


Eddie's first night not in our room..... : ...(

Well last night Eddie was a big boy and slept in his crib in his room for the first time.... I was a little nervous and did not want to do it but .......I guess he is over 6 months now and we have to do it some time.. He did fine and slept through the night. I have to say I did check on him at 11:00pm when I went to bed and again at 2:00am and he was just fine... HA HA the thought of SIDS just freaked me out... OK I am a dork and took a picture of him last night when I put him in bed..... I am suprised I did not wake him up with the flash.. but I wanted to document the event with a picture with a date stamp on it so I would remember to put it in his baby book... His book is at my girlfriends house in my scrap book bag.. I will have to get it next time I am at her house.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Cute picture

Elise is very serious about playing and making her babies dance when they play music.

Eddie so happy!!!

AWAH Elise kissing her brother... dont mind my finger in your eye Eddie....

This one was my absolute favorite.. I am going to get it blown up and hang it at the house.. They just look so sweet!! I just love thoes two

Ok I was not even going to post today, as I really dont have much to say but.. I was playing with my camera that santa brought me and got some of the cutest pictures... OK well I am a little bias too but I just had to post a few..